Translate Videos With Lip Sync, Globalize Your Reach

Translate your videos into any language, with exceptional accuracy and perfect lip-sync.

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Translate Videos With Lip Sync, Globalize Your Reach
Translate Videos With Lip Sync, Globalize Your Reach

Translate Video Online With Just One Click

Clipus is a cutting-edge AI video translator that empowers you to easily dub your video content into different languages with just one click. With Clipus, you can reach wider audiences and break language barriers easily.

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What Clipus Offers

Clipus offers two AI dubbing options catering to your video translation needs.

Lip-Synced AI Dubbing

We can perfectly sync the translated audio with speakers' original lip movements, creating a strikingly natural viewing experience that looks and sounds as if speakers are speaking the translated language.

Non-Synced AI Dubbing

We also provide standard video translations without lip syncing, offering you a cost-effective and faster solution for translating videos while ensuring accurate and precise translations.

Wide Language Support

Clipus supports over 100 languages, including popular languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Bring down language barriers and give your videos a voice that resonates worldwide.

EnglishFrançais简体中文繁體中文EspañolDeutsch日本語ItalianoPortuguêsภาษาไทยPolski한국어РусскийDanskالعربيةNorsk bokmålNederlandsBahasa IndonesiaTürkçe
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Accurate Translations

Clipus is trained on massive language datasets to achieve exceptionally high accuracy, even for complex technical or industry-specific content, allowing you to effectively communicate your message to a global audience.

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Accurate Translations English
Accurate Translations Français
Accurate Translations 简体中文
Accurate Translations 繁體中文
Accurate Translations Español
Accurate Translations Deutsch
Accurate Translations 日本語
Accurate Translations Italiano
Accurate Translations Português
Accurate Translations ภาษาไทย
Accurate Translations Polski
Accurate Translations 한국어
Accurate Translations Русский
Accurate Translations Dansk
Accurate Translations العربية
Accurate Translations Norsk bokmål
Accurate Translations Nederlands
Accurate Translations Bahasa Indonesia
Accurate Translations Türkçe

AI Dubbing With Clipus is a Breeze

  • Upload your video to be translated


    Upload your video to be translated

  • Choose the target language


    Choose the target language

  • Get a well-dubbed video with or without lip-sync.


    Get a well-dubbed video with or without lip-sync.

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Ideal for Everyone

Here are some additional scenarios where AI dubbing with Clipus could be useful:

Multilingual marketing

Businesses can maximize their marketing efforts by leveraging Clipus to translate and localize their videos for different markets, allowing them to better promote their products worldwide.

Multilingual marketing

Barrier-free education

Educators can use Clipus to localize their eLearning content, ensuring that students from various language backgrounds can understand and engage with the content easily.

Barrier-free education

Growing online reach

Content creators and influencers can significantly expand their online reach and attract more followers by utilizing Clipus to translate videos to share on YouTube, social media, etc.

Simplified skills training

Multinational corporations can use Clipus to dub orientation/training videos, HR materials, marketing assets etc. into dozens of languages for global workforces.


  • 1. What is Clipus?

    Clipus is a revolutionary AI video translation tool that translates your videos automatically while precisely matching the mouth movements to the dubbed audio. This allows your content to reach international audiences with authentic translations.

  • 2. How accurate are the translations?

    Clipus is powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms and machine learning models that are continuously trained on vast amounts of linguistic data. This ensures that our translations are not only accurate but also capture the nuances and context of your content.

  • 3. How long does it take to translate a video?

    This varies depending on the length and complexity of the video, but on average you can expect your video to be translated within 5 minutes upon submission. Longer videos may take more time.

  • 4. Is the lip syncing process automatic?

    Yes, Clipus' AI dubbing technology is fully automated. It uses advanced AI and machine learning models to analyze mouth movements in the original video and seamlessly sync the dubbed audio. No manual dubbing or timing adjustments are required.

  • 5. How secure is my video during the translation process?

    Clipus uses bank-level encryption and strict access controls to ensure your video remains private. Translations happen on isolated servers and your original file is deleted after completion.

  • 6. Do you support translating text-heavy videos like presentations?

    Yes, Clipus works equally well for all video types including those with significant on-screen text or data. The translations factor that in seamlessly.

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